Temporal Population structure (TPS)
A tool to gneomically date ancient genomes. TPS can be used when radiocarbon dating is unavailable or to develop alternative hypotheses.

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Ancient DNA Hub
An hub of knolwedge on ancient people. The site summarizes the knonwn about ancient cultures and is typically organized by site.

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GPS Origins
A commerical software that provides a breakdown of one's ancestry to 42 gene pools, geographical orirings of the parental DNA, two migration routes, and historical context.
GPS Origins is based on the mini-DREAM microarray, developed by Eran Elhaik.
Most recently, Baughn et al. (2018) employed this technology to identify the population structure in a cancer study.

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Pairwise matcher (PaM)
This website allowed uploading PLINK files with cases and controls.
The matcher optimizes the matching of case-control pairs.

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Geographic population structure analysis of worldwide human populations infers their biogeographical origins.
The R code for the GPS algorithm was published withh the paper.
This page was developed by Dr. Tatarinova. and it contains the calculator that converts Admxiture components into geographic coordinates.

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GPS code in R.
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HAPZIPPER: sharing HapMap populations just got easier.
HAPZIPPER is a lossless compression tool tailored to compress HapMap data beyond benchmarks defined by generic tools such as GZIP, BZIP2 and LZMA. Code and detailed examples are available at the official website.

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Identifying compositionally homogeneous and nonhomogeneous domains within the human genome using a novel segmentation algorithm.
This page is a companion for an original paper that describes IsoPlotter, a recursive DNA segmentation algorithm employs a dynamic threshold, and proposes a statistical test to assay the homogeneity of the inferred domains. This page hosts IsoPlotter and the statistical test as described in the paper.

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Modern men are the 'sorriest cohort of masculine Homo sapiens
to ever walk the planet.'
From Manthropology by Peter McAllister